Modify the source pages folder

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to integrate Jekyll with Sinatra framework. So far, so good, everything works pretty well for me, except one thing. You can see the directory structure on screenshot. Be default, Jekyll takes .html files in root(where the _config.yml is) and moves it to the _site folder. What I want, is to move like on screenshot, to another folder, but this folder is not empty. This is the templates folder. So, my question is - can I specify to jekyll which files it should proceed? Like, take index.html from “views”, inject into template named “layout.liquid” and output it to _site folder? For now, everything is working only if index.html is in root. But that is more messy for me - I want all the markup to be in one place

Hm. Is that really impossible? If I set source to “views”, jekyll don’t process at all