Hey guy Chirpy help first site [=

Hey guys, i wanted to ask how can i add picture to my blog posts on the home page?
like here. thanks~

and another question if i could, how come my pictures take so long to upload on my site? when i put it on the posts?

In Chirpy theme, they use image tag in markdown which is rendered as image alongside list of posts.

I see, I think I managed to work with it thanks! wanted to ask another question, is it possible to add AdSense from google to put ads on my site? are you familiar with it? thanks for the answer~

This theme doesn’t seem to support Google Adsense but there have been issues raised for this. You may create an include template and input Adsense code in it.

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Hey, i did try that, but thats what course my pictures to be shinny black and I couldn’t fix that, any clue how to add ads without this issue?

I am not sure what you mean by that.

i tried to solution from the GitHub issue, but all pictures in my static website are non-stop trying to ‘reload’, and for every picture, you can see a glass shiny black thing moving from left to right when I apply the ‘advertisement.html’ like in the issue.

I deleted it because I didn’t want to keep this, its sort of a bug or something, and I did the same as the person explained there =\ maybe you have another idea of how can I apply AdSense to my website?

You should try the official Google Adsense documentation on where to place the code.

Thank you! but im not sure where should I put the snippet code? is I in ‘index.html’? on the post pages I make?

You can put the head code in head partial and body code in the template you want the ad to load on . Eg. if you put it in default template , ad will be loaded on all pages.

i see i put it in the ‘default.html’ file on the bottom of it ([my code])(oshopython.github.io/_layouts/default.html at main · OshoPython/oshopython.github.io · GitHub)
hopefully it will work, I saw it take a few days for them to accept the site.
thank you for your help

There are two parts of Google adsense code. You added head part to body. You have to add this is head and the body part of adsense in body tag of the template.

umm not sure what you mean by ‘body tag of the template’ what file is that? is it on the markdown posts files?

You need to know HTML to understand this.