Gem "jekyll-theme-awesome" instead of gem install "jekyll-theme-awesome"

Following the documentation for changing a jekyll theme here: I’ve found that this command for installing the gem theme:

gem "jekyll-theme-awesome"

should be

gem install "jekyll-theme-awesome"

Is the documentation incorrect or am I missing something?

That line is supposed to be added to your Gemfile, not typed into the terminal.

That explains alot. Thank you!

Following this info here: there is no way one could tell that 1. needs to add that line to the Gemfile file, while 2. is a command that should be run.

I agree, it is a bit confusing if you’re not used to using Gems. Glad I could help!

The official documentation for installing theme-gems, has been updated…
Should be less confusing now… do check it out…

I’ve checked that part and you are right, it should be less confusing now. On the other hand, I’m having a hard time changing the theme. Please see this post here: Liquid Exception: No such file or directory - git rev-parse HEAD in /_layouts/default.html

That is better. Thanks @ashmaroli!

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