New command to work with gem-based themes


Hello Folks
For those running a site with gem-based themes, I’ve released a new gem that lets you easily “copy” a file from the theme-gem to the same path in your site’s source directory (if it doesn’t already exist there).

Introducing jekyll-extract — Extract theme files to your site with ease…

Simply add the plugin to :jekyll_plugins group in your Gemfile, bundle install and your’re set.

Run bundle exec jekyll extract --list-all to know what files are bundled in your theme-gem right from your terminal.

Run bundle exec jekyll extract --help for available options


P.S. there’s already a PR to have similar functionality added to core. But its currently hanging in limbo. The plugin only delivers basic functionality for now.

Feedback welcome at the GitHub Repo
Thanks :smiley:

This looks very useful. I don’t see something like jekyll extract --all though. That would be a popular option.

Thank you.

I agree, its a nice suggestion. :+1:
if this plugin picks up momentum in its usage and if there is a demand for an --all switch, I’ll definitely include an --all switch that extracts the spl directories ( _layouts, _includes, assets, _sass and _data) directories simultaneously.

May I request you to open a feature request ticket at the GitHub Repo? Thanks once again.