A brand new version of JekyllPlus

Hi Guys, I’ve just released a new refactored version of jekyll-plus that caters to using gem-based Jekyll Themes.

Salient Features:

  • Comes with an executable jekyll+ that works just like jekyll
  • Runs on top of Jekyll — jekyll+ accepts all commands available to Jekyll.
  • Additional set of new commands:
    • new-site — works similar to jekyll new yet differently. For example, if you have Git installed, all new sites are automatically Git Repositories. And, additionally, comes with a --theme switch that automatically sets up the Gemfile and _config.yml to use a gem-based theme.
    • extract-theme, extractcopy any file or an entire folder from within the theme-gem to the site’s source_dir. Useful when one needs to copy over a template file to edit or when one needs to download a demo file, and there’s no internet connection… — there’s a long-standing request to have this feature included in Jekyll Core. Hopefully soon…
  • Comes bundled with the jekyll-data plugin.

For Theme-gem developers:

  • Bundle all required files and directories — data files for navigation, data files for localization, custom _config.yml — within the gem itself. Let the gems be self-contained or serve-ready. Future releases will remove certain theme’s end-users’ need to download separate example or demo directories to preview a theme locally.

Give it a try and let me know if you come across a bug…

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