Cannot install new themes (newbie here)

Hello everybody,
I’m starting with Jekyll already saw some tutorials on internet, and all working fine, except that i cannot install any different theme from minimal. at this point I’m confuse if I’m doing smth wrong, or is that all themes are for older versions of jekyll (I’m on 4.3.01)
at the moment i just found themes on, is there other place better to use a template theme?

thanks in advance.


I made the same/similar/comparable experience.
And this is the kind of routine I developed.
I am on Mac

I download the zip > unfold it > open it in terminal (in finder at the botton, right click folder > “Open in Terminal”)
run bundle and then exec serve
if I see error messages (most of the come from Liquid, some update issue with a file called tainted.) in the terminal => I move on. Liquid and Ruby and Jekyll have sometimes version conflicts. I tried the latest three Jekyll versions in combination with the latest three Ruby versions - it’s a mess.

if it is running ok (no error message in terminal) > I go to github, add the files manually. (for some reason github is having a problem with me signing up remote; plus I have multiple github accounts and it is a hassle to change the credentials).


if it works on my local machine, it works on GitHub.
don’t let the error message steal your thunder! Download all zip files (Supported themes | GitHub Pages) and check each of them to see which works.
Once you got something running, your mind is at ease because you found one happy path.

my current environment:

  • Mac
  • ruby 3.2.0 (2022-12-25 revision a528908271) [x86_64-darwin22]
  • jekyll 4.3.2