Error installing new theme

Hi all,

Im trying to install a new theme in Jekyll, (primer-master)

When i go to do bundle exec jekyll serve i obtain the next error:

Configuration file: /home/alejandro/blog/_config.yml
Source: /home/alejandro/blog
Destination: /home/alejandro/blog/_site
Incremental build: disabled. Enable with --incremental
Jekyll Feed: Generating feed for posts
Build Warning: Layout ‘post’ requested in _posts/2018-10-22-welcome-to-jekyll.markdown does not exist.
Liquid Exception: No such file or directory - git in /_layouts/default.html
jekyll 3.8.4 | Error: No such file or directory - git

Can somebody help me? Thanks

It doesn’t seem to be able to find the posts layout. How did you install the theme? is there a repo to look at? if not what is in your config file?

Hi, thabks for your answer

I followed the instructiins that appear at the end of modifying gemfile and _config.yml

Furthermore i added the files of the theme in /gems/gems