Formatting menu: baseurl, relative url, etc


I was deploying a site to github pages using unsupported plugins. As such, I needed to build my site locally and publish it that way. If you need help doing this, here is where I got help for that issue (very useful).

Now, I have my site deployed, but something has gone wrong with the images, as well as the menu links. I believe these to be connected. I changed my repo from <username> to about (to be able to use gh-pages as source). As a result, my website homepage went from to

To fix this I made baseurl="about/" which works on the homepage, but post images are not appearing. When I use the menu options from the this url projects and resume work, but to do projects link -> resume adds an extra ‘about’ ( which causes the menu to fail.

I get the feeling, from reading other discussions, I should leave baseurl="" and use relative url or something like this to fix these problems. I have tried making but then my theme fails. I need to fix the menu and image issues I am having.

try baseurl: /about the slash should be in front.

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