Create Fixed SideBar in Theme: Minima

I am new to Jekyll and play different experiments on the Minima theme:

Right now, I google around the way in making a fixed sidebar to be placed right on the main front page (home.html). But so far, wish to know if there are any thoughts to share as if I can modify the one in

Thanks a lot! I love the minima theme and I do not want to change to another theme at the moment…

Hi I am a fan of minima as well.

I am interested in this sidebar idea.

You can copy that sidebar you found to your own project and use it in minima. You’ll have to add missing CSS classes which handle the positioning and adjust to use the minima classes.

You also ditch that sidebar and start with one from scratch building it up from that or a sidebar tutorial. I am happy to help with this and make a demo repo for sidebar in minima.

Fixed sidebar

Animated sidebar
The first sample here is a few lines of html and you can click through to get the CSS on try it yourself