Minimal Mistake - Sidebar does not show up

Hi, I am new to jekyll and having trouble to add a side bar on my blog.

I simply downloaded as a desktop zip file from the minimal mistake github page and delete all unnecessary parts like instructions recommended. Then, followed below instructions

  1. Added the test sidebar block to _data/navigation.yml
  - title: Getting Started
      - title: "Quick-Start Guide"
        url: /docs/quick-start-guide/
      - title: "Structure"
        url: /docs/structure/
      - title: "Installation"
        url: /docs/installation/
      - title: "Upgrading"
        url: /docs/upgrading/

  1. Added the following into the _config.yml on Defaults
  # _docs
  - scope:
      path: ""
      type: docs
        nav: "docs"

But, the side bar does not show on my blog. Could sb give me any advices?

do you have a link to your repo and the live site?

In your _config.yml YAML type: docs will limit any of the values you add to the pages in the docs collection. So if you’re expecting a sidebar to show up in the posts too or any other pages you need to revise your front matter defaults.

I would suggest adding the sidebar YAML directly to a page first to verify the sidebar shows up. Then work on your front matter defaults to have it apply to the pages you expect.

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