Switching themes

Hello, I recently tried switching from the initial minima theme to minima, and followed this documentation https://jekyllrb.com/docs/themes/#installing-a-theme.

However when i try to run it locally, it won’t work. any help would be greatly appreciated!

I assume you mean to minimal not minima.

You need to read up on layouts in the docs.

When you do a build and have layout: page set, jekyll looks for page.html here

  • Your _layouts/ dir
  • then in the theme’s _layouts dir in vendor/bundle/...

Your quickstart site worked initially because Minima has a page.html layout

But Minimal does not.

Therefore you must change the .md files to use another layout that exists like default. This is the simplest solution to your problem.

Or you can create _layouts/page.html in your project. I would not copy and paste page.html from Minima as you’ll have CSS classes you don’t have.
Maybe you can use the theme’s post.html to create page.html

In general, a page layout would show an H1 tag and then content on the page. Maybe inside a main element and maybe in a section element depending how you want to do the HTML.

Contrast with post.html which has post-specific fields like author and date.

And home.html which could be a list of posts.