Chirpy theme: 'a' tag is missing a reference

Hi, I am using Chirpy theme and here is my project GitHub - SRodi/

Since this morning the GH Actions jobs are failing with the error below, but I can’t seem to find the root cause.

Can someone help please? thank you!

Running 3 checks (Scripts, Links, Images) in ["_site"] on *.html files...

Checking 43 internal links
Checking internal link hashes in 2 files
Ran on 17 files!

For the Links check, the following failures were found:

* At _site/posts/how-to-test-terraform-modules/index.html:1:

  'a' tag is missing a reference

HTML-Proofer found 1 failure!
Error: Process completed with exit code 1.

I’m guessing the missing reference is the anchor with an empty HREF attribute:

<a href="">Simone Rodigari</a>

The root cause is probably the incomplete author info added in commit:

The file data/authors.yml is missing a homepage URL, which probably results in the empty HREF. Here’s the theme’s author doc:

postscript: the theme behavior in the absence of an author’s URL should probably be reported as a bug.

thanks @chuckhoupt ! that was the exact problem. Since I am the only author for now, I have removed the explicit author information in _data/authors.yml and use the default from _config.yml as mentioned in the doc. The GH action jobs are now passing.

I have also created a GH Issue here. Chirpy theme: ‘a’ tag is missing a reference when author url is missing · Issue #1403 · cotes2020/jekyll-theme-chirpy · GitHub

Thanks for the support!