Error displaying posts after using chirpy starter

Used Chirpy starter to complete the deployment of chirpy theme to my local machine, yet after i added posts I was not able to see anything on the local server . and the terminal prompted errors like this no matter where I click on the page

The changes I made in _config.yaml file worked fine after stopping and rebuilding the server.
Also github actions show similar errors:

Run actions/configure-pages@v4

5Error: Get Pages site failed. Please verify that the repository has Pages enabled and configured to build using GitHub Actions, or consider exploring the enablement parameter for this action.

6Error: HttpError: Not Found

By the way, I didnt install GCC and Make, none of the guides actually required to check its installation, not sure if that affected

it looks like you have errors in the path to the different js files in your screen shot- can you check if those files actually exist in the site folder locally? maybe you have the path set to something else?