Blog deployment to github pages reported an error

The podcast written by Jekyll was deployed to GitHub pages and reported an error, unable to run normally. It works well locally
please help me,
and you can send my email :

what is the error you received? can you give a link to the repo?

keep in mind GH pages has limitations - like it required jekyll 3.9 and doesn’t allow plugins other than a short list of approved ones.

I have almost figured out the problem

An error was reported when executing the Test site section in the workflow file

An error is’ a 'tag is missing a referencedan

My solution is to not execute htmlproofer

Run it locally before pushing in the future to check if the link is working properly

Kind of evading responsibility

But I suspect it’s a syntax issue with the markdown file format I wrote, but it’s also not easy to use when I use the Jekyll:: Compose plugin

So I annotated the Test site in the workflow and solved it, but I don’t think this is a good solution