Can I make special URL to a special tag?

Hello, I have a project with Jasper2 template. There are tags in this project. My permalink is permalink: /:title Everything is fine except one thing: I want to put posts that use the tag named “writings” in the URL /writings/:title. Is this possible? Thanks

Why don’t you create a category called writings?

That will set up the url for you as you expect.

I don’t think know if a fixed string or a tag can be used in the url.

Two ways to set category.

Set it on each post.

categories: writings

Make a directory. Everything in writings will get the category writings, which can be accessed on page.categories and will set the url too.


Sample output url


But… I would set the permalink back to the default first. To ensure the url is as I said.

I recommend using a preset like permalink: pretty or leave the default, to ensure you keep the categories, dates, extensions…