Building a static website with Jekyll and GitHub Pages


I´m new here. My first post.

I´m following the " Building a static website with Jekyll and GitHub Pages" tutorial but I can´t set up Jekyll.

My first error is that cannot find the file or directory when i enter "cd , followed by a space, followed by the file path to your GitHub folder".

What may be wrong? the github folder is installed at one drive (there is no way to change this!)

thank you

OneDrive is a virtual folder. You will need to bring that folder on OneDrive down to your computer, then you can run the terminal to run commands in the local folder.

Your other option is to put files up on GitHub directly and edit there, but that seems a little too limiting given the speed at which you can develop locally.

If you are using OneDrive, it usually syncs your My Documents folder, so make sure it is not already there on your computer.

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Hello. Thanks for your help! I thought the onedrive was the problem and i tried to move the github folder out of thr one drive but i cant. Also when downloading the github app it does not give the option to select other location on my computer.

I will continue to move github folder ot app to other location.

Thank you,

A segunda, 9/08/2021, 18:51, Bill Raymond via Jekyll Talk <> escreveu:

If anyone can help me understand how to move the github folder out of the onedrive, I would very much appreciate it.

I really don´t know how to do it!

I have managed to move the github folder. But now I can´t view the website locally: why is that?

Cecília Pilar C. Pitta <> escreveu no dia segunda, 9/08/2021 à(s) 20:11:

Looks like you have encountered the good old webrick error.

Type the following in your terminal:

bundle add webrick

While it’s probably not necessary, I always type the following command after adding something:

bundle update

Hope this helps.

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Thank you so much for your help! Now it works :slight_smile:

Bill Raymond via Jekyll Talk <> escreveu no dia terça, 10/08/2021 à(s) 15:14: