[Github Pages] Jekyll builds locally but not on Github

While my website runs locally perfectly fine, the github pages build process terminates with the error message
“github-pages 227 | Error: Could not find document ‘/en/subprojects/subproject_1.html Subproject 1’ in tag ‘link’.”

I feel like I am being really stupid here since I can’t figure out how (and where) to set the paths correctly. After having tried all kinds of combinations, reading loads of stackoverflow / jekyll talk posts and not succeeding: I would really appreciate help here and some explanation of what fundamental aspect of the jekyll build I did not understand.

You can access the code here: GitHub - schminin/inside

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Relative question about link tag.

another good resource for you

your site is a lot of trouble code… i have no idea what im just see inside, it really… oh my god what it is? jesus help oh my eye

repos GitHub - tiepcreator/inside

demo Overview | INSIDe

all I can do at this moment is just fix some of baseurl that you config point out.
and quick fix and made some pull.

But it is totally a mess. I nearly get a heart attack.

Wow, thanks a lot for the really fast solution! I’ll try to clean up the code (sorry for shocking you there) and read up on the references you’ve send me :slight_smile: One follow up question however remains: Does the website run for you locally with your suggestions? When I use bundle exec jekyll serve --baseurl ‘’ the menu bar is not displayed correctly (specifically: the menu items are not visible anymore)

Yes I can run locally fine with my fix, but only show good on PC, menu will not show up on the mobile browser. You need to fix more to make it work perfectly.

The only thing you are doing so great is that you can make a multi-language Jekyll site; that is the way I keep your repository for learning.

Also you have to focus to responsive mobile too.