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Find the latest and greatest news (updates) about Jekyll and friends at the Awesome Jekyll News Channel on Twitter Follow along. Latest (re)tweets include:

  • Check out my first blog post on my revamped site, where I describe how I revamped the site! #AWS #cloudfront #S3 #jekyll – Joe Combs
  • If you’re in berlin in late april, i’ll be giving a talk at the berlin static site meetup about jekyll
    and where the project is headed! drop by if you want – Olivia
  • I’ve made a jekyll plugin to generate sample data. Very useful when you want to generate a large amount of random data. #jekyll #ruby #plugin #opensource – Paweł Kuna
  • Talk Notes - Build (Online) Books and Documentation w/ @Octobook Themes and the Jekyll (Static) Website Compiler - Real-World Examples incl. World Classics, Slideshow (S9), Pluto (Planet) News (Feed) Reader, and Yuki & Moto Press #txt #kramdown #manuscripts – Gerald Bauer
  • and many more

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