Anyone using Aerobatic for Jekyll site deploy?

I just discovered Aerobatic ( while searching for password protection option for Jekyll sites. Looks interesting (and provides said password options as well as site search built in).

Anyone using it? Impressions?


I have been using aerobatic for three months to deploy two personal blogs from bitbucket and in my opinion aerobatic works well.
I am using the free plan and the two forms of authentication.
For me it is a good choice.


I will let the users speak for themselves, as I am one of the co-founders of Aerobatic. Just want to let you know please feel free to ask any questions you would like and I’m happy to help. Thanks for checking us out!

-Ivan Storck
@ivanoats and @aerobaticapp on twitter

Been a bit busy with other things so I apologize for the slow reply. I glanced through the site and docs and it looks like Aerobatic might offer a few things I’d like to have. I’ll check out further (and probably ask a question or two!) and maybe switch once I get this current project done (another week, I hope!). Thanks!