Easy to manage multilingual ecomm Jekyll site with CloudCannon/Snipcart. Thoughts?

Hey folks.

Our new dev Jean-Seb just published his first post on the blog, and I’d love to get him/us some feedback on it. Thought this was the place for that!

It’s basically a tuts for enabling multiple languages on Jekyll without the use of plugins (which GitHub pages won’t execute). We also strapped CloudCannon CMS on the site; aim was to create a kind of super user friendly international e-comm site for merchants.

Thoughts on the code, use case?


Cheers! :grinning:

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@thefln, first of all Jean-Seb did a high quality job putting together this i18n guide for the fellow Jekyllers! I do agree that i18n subject is nuanced and could be solved many ways (as always).

I will try to squeeze some time next week to go step-by-step thru the article with hands-on experience and get back to you with the feedback.

Hands-on experience more often than not could be a good source of helpful insights (if any :smile:).

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Appreciate it, @pabloduo! I’ll loop Jean-Seb into the thread too!