Translating the pages to other languages

Hi, I’m relatively new to Jekyll and was wondering (if there’s one or) what’s the best way to translate the page’s content to other languages. As in, if I need to create a website in portuguese and want to use one of the already existing themes, what would be the best way of translating the comment sections, dates and other things that are in english by default?

Have you tried searching on Google?

Depends on where you’re hosting the site. If it’s on GitHub Pages you can’t use one of the many i18n Jekyll plugins that makes some of this easier.

There are a few blog posts if you search around describing how to do this with pure Liquid. They all pretty much follow the same strategy… this is one of the better posts on it.

As far as plugins (if you can use them):

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Thanks for the help! I am using GitHub Pages, since it’s my first experience with Jekyll I went with it for testing.

I’ve managed to translate the whole content, just had a few struggles with naming the months and comments but now everything’s working as it should.