Pagination + Multilanguage

Hello everyone,
I am trying to build my website with jekyll.

What I need:

  • multiple categories (I mean separate pages that list their own types of posts)
  • multiple languages (all pages need a language switch. I can create the multilingual content myself)
  • pagination

So far, I can only get multiple languages to work, OR pagination. Once I try to combine the two, no posts are displayed anymore at all, don’t see any error message anywhere. If I go back to only having one language, pagination works.

What’s the best way to tackle this? So far, I tried defining languages as collections, as seen here: Making a multilingual website with Jekyll collections | Koos Looijesteijn.

Any input on the matter appreciated!

I recommend using polyglot for handling multiple languages. It makes the whole process easier. If you want to have a site with all those 3 working, take a look at this template site built with polyglot. There is support for multiple languages, multiple categories (check the projects page), and pagination (check the blog).