Jekyll multilanguage plugin

Hey all, i have been trying to get the categories to display posts when clicked on respective category on a post. It throws out a blank page.

I have been using , Jekyll multi language plugin, Jekyll archives.

Folder structure is

Posts are displaying fine.

Categories and tags are throwing blank area .
Can anyone refer me to some resources or help me fix.

The code in category layout

{% for post in page.posts %}
{% include post_loop.html %}
{% endfor %}

Anyone who has created a website using Jekyll multilanguage and Jekyll archives. Everything works except the category pages for each language doesn’t display post and show blank page.

do you have a link to your repo?

I can send you an invite after creating the repo… I am working on localhost

you need to show us more info, either by sharing a link to the repo or pasting in the entire contents of those pages and the include.

I don’t use any plugins so I may not be able to help, but if someone else can they will need to be able to see what you are doing as your example is not enough.

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