Working with categories within categories


I was getting rid of CMS already a while ago and like to work with Jekyll and SASS. I’m now trying to realize a new website for me presenting my geometric art, my cartoons and photos. Therefore I thought to first split this up in directories/categories:

Those three categories should be part of the top navigation in the normal menu bar. Within those categories I’d like to break it down a bit more, i.e. art in “geometric_art”, “islamic_geometry” and so on. This kind of second level navigation should be placed in a sidebar.

I’m shomehow stuck on how to create this within Jekyll. I usually built websites with this great tool more straight forward, this is my first attempt to a more complicated setup (for me).

Any advices or hints or tips on this from the community?

Many, many thanks in advance!

Regards, Thomas

you could use tags which is another built in thing like categories.

Or you can just make your own front matter called whatever you want - subcat:geometric and then loop thru those how ever you want.

The built in categories isn’t really all that magical, you can do much the same thing with front matter.

One thing which also came to my mind is to use collections and then either tags or categories within.

Worth trying?

sure, though you may want to poke around and see if cats and tags are the same for collections - I think they may be for Posts only (they have a couple special behaviors)? so if you use them somewhere else they just become front matter variables like anything else.

It’s not painfully obvious at first but Jekyll treats additional items in the categories array as subcategories (at least when used in the URL for a post). For example:

categories: [art, geometric art]

Will give you the parent category as art and the sub as geometric art.
And if you use the following permalink structure in your _config.yml:

permalink: /:categories/:title/

You’ll get nice URLs like /art/geometric-art/your-post/

Jekyll also allows you to group posts by subfolders under _posts and I believe it will assign the category this way. So in theory a file like _posts/art/geometric-art/ would give you something like /art/geometric-art/your-post/ as well.

And have category assignments of art and geometric-art.

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