Folder like browsing data in Jekyll Category, Subcategory, Collection

How do you build something like /whiskey/irish-whiskey/name-of-irish-whiskey/ with the ability to have at /whiskey/ a list of all types (like irish) and on /whiskey/irish-whiskey/ a list of all types like names of irish whiskeys. As I understand now, it is done by creating blog posts with two categories and then creating a page, overwriting the permalink, for the subfolders where the index should appear. Is that correct? Can someone point me in the right direction?

Categories are currently a posts construct only with Jekyll. There’s been talk of unifying it with collections for Jekyll 4.0, but not sure where that stands.

For structuring posts in subcategories see my comment on a previous thread.

For doing it with Collections you’re approach above seems sound. You’ll have to do it by manually setting permalinks on every document.