What is the recommended way to add comment sections to your Jekyll blog?

I wanted to have a discussion/comments section at the bottom of my blog posts. What is the standard recommended way to do this in Jeckyll?

I found the following links but don’t know which one to use:

cross-posted: https://www.quora.com/unanswered/What-is-the-recommended-way-to-add-comment-sections-to-your-Jekyll-blog

another useful link: https://dc25.github.io/myBlog/2017/06/24/using-github-comments-in-a-jekyll-blog.html

on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Jekyll/comments/d29em1/what_is_the_recommended_way_to_add_comment/

Lately, we created a blog post on how to add comments to jekyll with Hyvor Talk. Check it out.

Here are some advantages of using Hyvor Talk.

  • You can completely customize the appearance of Hyvor Talk to blend with your blog.
  • Hyvor Talk offers a generous free plan.
  • It does not place ads nor affiliate links on your website.
  • It supports guest commenting
  • And more…

Disclose: I’m the creator of Hyvor Talk.

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There is no particular recommended way. https://staticman.net is a good solution. Repo: https://github.com/eduardoboucas/staticman

I recommend Talkyard. Here’s a post about how I picked it.

Hi @Pinocchio, I use Disqus for a client site built on the Barber theme. We love it.

Just bumped into this one, JustComments, on DEV.to.