Want to make something kindof SPA with Jekyll (to use Github Pages)

So I want to redesign my site to be like those flashy, flowing organic sites that load everything in a single page with cool animations and all that.

How hard would that be? I mean, making a SPA is maybe out of my scope right now, at least could I simulate it with transitions and all that stuff?

I’m talking like sites that are on awwwards, that all flow smoothly and change the url and stuff.

What should I know/use to make it possible?

So, what’s your question actually? Is it regarding Jekyll SPA or animation?

What technology or philosophy should I apply to make my webpage looks as if it was a SPA, is that even possible on Jekyll via Github Pages?

Jekyll is just a generator - you put stuff in and it spits stuff out. Isn’t a SPA really just JS? you can use Jekyll to output Json quite easily, and then use JS to parse that however you wish. So you could do all your posts in markdown, then run that thru a layout/page that creates json file of all your posts, and then use JS to display it.

Something like gatsby may be more efficient though.

google jekyll single page template and you’ll get lots of results. Not quite sure this is what you mean though.


Try using Gatsby or Nuxt for SPA and PWA.

Nuxt or Next more so than Gatsby.

By definition, a static site can’t be SPA. But it might be much faster :slight_smile:

I suppose you could use Jekyll to generate the basic HTML framework, and then use javascript to pull in the relevant content as the user navigates through the system, but that is why front-end frameworks were invented, and why tools like Next and Nuxt are focused on server-side rendering of the initial page, and then pre-rendering the succeeding ‘pages’, to speed up response.