Vue + Jekyll and isomorphic blah blah blah

I’ve been playing around with using Vue and Jekyll to render content both on the server side and in the browser. Nothing new to some, but a new approach for me. The basic idea being to use Jekyll to publish JSON along with pages and posts—respond to the first request with a statically rendered page, after that, if JS is supported, use Vue to respond to any further requests for pages locally-building it’s content off the JSON provided.

I made this bare-bones template for playing around with this idea (uses Webpack and NPM to tie all the JS stuff together), but I’m wondering if there are others out there who are already using Jekyll and a client side framework in this way. I did some googling around but didn’t see much that leveraged Jekyll specifically.


I have been thinking the same. Using Jekyll along with the framework like Vue or React Fiber. I will start tinkering with your bare-bone template.