Using NEW command for ISO etc date stamps


I have been using Jekyll for years - mostly the standard setup that is created when using "jekyll new . . " - for small sites for myself and family and I have just been putting up with the silly Yankee date format that it produces on posts. I have another small site that I am currently doing for a local (Australian) campaign and have been looking for hours to try and find a simple config that would put a date stamp at the top of each post like:

2023-02-09 19:20 Thu

but all the stuff I find talks about filters that are for use in the body of the post text . . how do I change the default date stamp produced for posts by "jekyll new . . "?

This seems like it should be idiot-proof (or at least Yankee World Domination-proof) . . so I must be an idiot and thanks for any help . .


A site created with jekyll new will use the Minima 2.5 Theme Gem. The default date format can be configured by adding the following to _config.yml. For example:

  date_format: "%b %-d 1%Y HE"

More doc at:

Ah! - thanks so much - I knew it should be easy! I got errors with your syntax but this did what I wanted:

  date_format: "%Y-%m-%d  %H:%M  %a"