International date format?

Hello, I am following the official Jekyll introduction and stumbled across this snippet here:

{{ | date_to_string }}

Now this will print an English name of month like " 23 May 2021", but I would like it in German " 23 Mai 2021" or at least in numbers " 23.05.2021". How can I configure that?


edit: Found some answers from early 2017 here:

Not sure if this is still the most recommended way to go?

edit: At least I can use numbers now thanks to this page:

This page shows lots of examples on how to adjust the date, especially US styles but also ISO 8601 which is just dandy.

At the same time, the documentation of “date” in Liquid templates mentioned strftime and linked to this nice interactive page to test and render your output as desired:

Hope it helps you, too!

Unfortunately, I do not know a lot about setting a default locale (and then using it) in Jekyll. It looks like there are lots of workarounds to this problem and that might still be the case, unfortunately. check out the link below.