Trying to remove padding from my custom Jekyll theme

Hello, I’m starting to use Jekyll theme and I found one ( to be really useful for logging my day-to-day activities. The site’s up now on my org. GitHub page, but I would love to make the pages be full-sized i.e. to remove the padding on either sides and allow me to type my content in the whole screen.

ThinkSpace theme - Sample page -

Right now, I tried inspecting and locate the main.css file, but I can’t quite find it under /assets directory. Would appreciate some help towards it.

You’re not going to find a /assets/css/main.css file. The theme is using Sass to build it from a set of partials.

I’m not familiar with this theme but it looks like all of their Sass partials are in /assets/scss. You’ll want to search through those files and make your CSS edits there.

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