Help modifying theme

Here’s the website:

I’m just wondering how to edit the page so that the blank space above the title is so massive, especially when making the browser window taller.

It’s especially evident on portrait monitors.

I don’t know how to make changes to the theme without it resetting to how the original designer intended.

so you know what you want to change in the css but it doesn’t stick when you do it?

what theme is it? is it a gem based theme or is it just css and layouts that are stored in the root of the site?

have you read:

Here’s the github:

I’m at work and can’t for the life of me remember how I installed the theme.

This is the theme:

it looks like it is just local files in the root of your repo - not a gem based theme. If you know the css you want to edit it should be in the sass folder which I think was inside assets, and edits in there should work no problem.

If you don’t know which css needs to be edited, that isn’t really a jekyll issue. I’d also assume that the theme creator put that space there for a reason and editing one thing may change the behavior of other things. You could try asking on the theme’s repo >>issues.