Tabler UI Admin - Study case

Reciently i’ve found this Jekyll + NodeJS gem … just to share :slight_smile:

whom says …

Tabler is fully responsive and compatible with all modern browsers. Thanks to its modern, user-friendly design you can create a fully functional interface that users will
love! Choose the layouts and components you need and customize them to make your design consistent and eye-catching. Every component has been created with
attention to detail to make your interface beautiful!


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uh …suddenly, without touching the code… some style, assets… where lost :slight_smile:

any hints ? (are more than welcomed)

most likely a baseurl issue. Right click and Inspect and go to the console and it will show you an error on the css file most likely. Then you can tell where it is looking and work backwards from there.

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Indeed. Go to the Console. Or go to Network and clear log and then refresh. You’ll see 404 errors for bad CSS urls.

You can also View Source and see what CSS path is on the page. Click it and you’ll get to a broken URL probably.

Also you can try refresh or hard refresh. Sometimes it just needs a kick.