Carousel in jekyll web site not working

I am from python background, relatively new to jekyll. So i have to show a carousel of images on this site. Found this for reference. As the page suggests I have put things in place or so it seems to me. CMIIAW.

This gives error without loading anything on the page. Please help with explaining or suggesting links on how it work plus a solution. Thank you


Uncaught TypeError: elements[j] is undefined

github link : zarir-ka-website

can you give a little more info? like which page is the slider on?

is there a link to the live site showing it not working?

site link : Awesome Title

github repository : GitHub - singhaidotnish/zarir-ka-website: Agency Theme for Jekyll

the console is showing a 404 for all of your files like js and css - this is because you have the baseurl set wrong.

You have: baseurl: /agency-jekyll-theme/

it should be: baseurl: /zarir-ka-website

notice the wrong one also has a trailing slash that needs to be removed.

Thank you for your reply. Carousel is not showing any image yet.

var elements = document.querySelectorAll('#carousel0 .carousel__control--forward');

It should not be returning a blank, CMIIAW.

What am i missing here ?

When i click on error in console, what comes is,

ERROR: Uncaught TypeError: elements[j] is undefined

Thank you

I’m not familiar with that carousel but the person who made it has been very helpful to others who had issues - try asking a question on the repo for it.