Syntax highlighting for Stan language

Hi all,

I’m trying to get syntax highlighting for the Stan language. My site is hosted on gh pages.

I use rogue for syntax highlighting, but I understand that Stan is not one of its supported languages. However, I believe that pygments offers syntax highlighting for Stan. Although I read that gh pages does not support pygments.

For reference here is my current _config.yml, and here is an example of the code I’d like to highlight.

Is there any way by which I can get syntax highlighting working for this language on my website?


so are you using GH pages for hosting? if not maybe there could be a way for you to add your own highlighter for Stan? not sure how hard that is. Or use pygments.

If you have to use Pygments and GH pages you could build locally (then you can use whatever plugins you want) and then push the _site folder to GH and have it serve that. Not as cool as just editing the source on GH and having it build the site for you but does allow more freedom.

Could you just use C++ highlighter? just a thought.