Syntax Highlighting

About the syntax highlighting in Jekyll , how it’ll appear on site. I observed that there are couple of ways we can do this like what jekyll introduced or markdown style. Now, as familiar for me and comfortable i like to use markdown style. Now, when i view the outcome on web i found like following - Is this how it appear ? I mean, just take a look the border around code and moreover the syntax is like more foggy or unclear. The same look appear if i use jekyll style though.

Here is my _config.yml file

# The release of Jekyll Now that you're using
version: v1.2.0

theme: minima

# Jekyll 3 now only supports Kramdown for Markdown
  # Use GitHub flavored markdown, including triple backtick fenced code blocks
  input: GFM
  # Jekyll 3 and GitHub Pages now only support rouge for syntax highlighting
  syntax_highlighter: pygments #rouge
    # Use existing pygments syntax highlighting css
    css_class: 'highlight'

# Set the Sass partials directory, as we're using @imports
  style: :expanded # You might prefer to minify using :compressed

maybe this is your problem? you should probably be using rouge but you have it set to pygments?

are you using gh pages?

if that isn’t it, a repo and website to look at would be helpful.

Hi rdyar, thanks for your response. Anyway, you might see that rouge was comment in where I used pygments. However, After few day later of posting this problem here, I finally manged to get rid of this problem. I created a quick gist for this as a note. Check it here.

And more of this, also can view the outcome of this change on my blog.

Hope Gist may help others to manage Highlighting problem in Jekyll.