Problems with Markdown / Syntax Highlighting


I wanted to build a simple documentation website for my github project (, but somehow I can’t get the Markdown syntax highlighting to work:

However I see a lot of CSS styles defined in the HTML-website. As, I haven’t done any frontend web development (working on the backend side), I’m a bit confused. I tried different highlighting syntaxes, but from what I read it uses Rogue as the default syntax highlighter and I specified it in the _config.yml file.

Any help would be great :slight_smile:

kind regards

you probably need the css for it - it looks like it is working, there just aren’t any css styles to apply.

Here is a list of Pygments style sheets which will work with rouge, click on one like GitHub.css and load that into your css:

Thanks, that’s working but somehow the whole site looks like grap in comparison to the index.html page, but thanks so much :slight_smile: