SSL certificate certbot standalone

I am new in linux and cloud machines and i installed Jekyll on a linode vps successfully and everything is running fine except SSL access.

I installed certbot standalone certificate but i need to find a way to serve with SSL. As i can read from Jekyll documentation, i need to specify the ssl key and ssl cert in “serve” command? (–ssl-key --ssl-cert)
If so, whats the correct path to get the cert and key from?
The problem is i don’t know if i am in the right path to execute the serve command with ssl.
Is certbot standalone certificate a good choice for my setup?

Thank you for considering helping me…

you should use an actual web server app to serve the site not jekyll. Jekylls built in server feature is really meant for dev not running in the real world. Maybe you can get it to work but I doubt many people do this so getting help may be difficult.

Can’t you use apache or NGINX?