Specify Categories in Permalinks

Hello, I’d like to change the permalinks for my site to include some, but not all, of the categories from each post. For instance, my first two categories indicate the article type and subject. For example: [editorial,movie,Drama,Action,Comedy,Horror,Tentacles]

I’d like for the permalinks to include just the first two categories. Example:


Is there any way to reference categories in permalinks by index? Ideally something similar to:


Not sure about the answer to your actual question, probably no.

could you use tags instead for the drama/action/comedy etc? that way you can separate the two things better.

I use categories to identify related posts, and while I could rewrite that algorithm to use tags, I’d ideally like to include the post type and media type in that algorithm without having to duplicate the information to the tags field. I’d have to do this:

categories: [editorial,movie]
tags: [editorial,movie,Drama,Action,Comedy,Horror,Tentacles]

This duplication is sub optimal. I’d really hope there’s a solution that generally gives me better control over my permalinks and their logical segmentation.