Schedule Posts by Hour / Minute?

Currently, if I name a post with the date, it will not show until that day arrives. This is helpful and lets me schedule posts in advance. However, I would like to be able to control this down to the minute level if possible.

I have several workflows based upon when a new item shows up in my sites RSS feed, and they require me to schedule some posts down to the minute.

Would it be easy to add something to the filename so I could accomplish this? Is there a better way?

So far what I’ve found requires setting up a cron job on a separate system and then having it merge a branch into master when it’s time to post. This will work, but since Jekyll is already doing the scheduling by day, I’m hoping it wouldn’t be hard to modify it to accommodate this.

I guess adding date in YAML front matter would do that. You can schedule your posts down to seconds also.

Add the date in yaml front-matter of post in the following format.

date: 2017-04-21 13:54:08 +5:30

Add the following alias so your .bashrc file replacing +5:30 with your timezone offset.

alias jdate='echo "date: $(date "+%F %T") +5:30"'

Execute jdate alias in the terminal to get above date format.