Auto generate _site folder on a schedule

Glad to be back on JT after having trouble logging in with Github credentials for several months. Anyway …

I have a large number of draft posts with DATE set to a future day according t my site’s editorial calendar. New posts become current several times a week. Currently, I’m manually running Jekyll to regenerate the site with the new-that-day posts.

Is there a way to have Jekyll automatically run & regenerate the _site folder say at 3:00 a.m. every day?

I thought I’d seen something about this somewhere a while,back but cannot remember the right term. Googling & searching JT with terms I can think of hasn’t gotten me what I need.

Any insight or direction would be awesome!



I’ve seen a couple of ways people do this.


Awesome. Thanks for the links. I’ll check those out in a bit.

Travis have recently added the ability to turn on daily builds (cron). If you used or were to use Travis for building your site that could be an option. I have it turned on for a site I maintain.

Travis … that was the other thing I vaguely remembered but couldn’t pull out of my brain! Thanks.

CloudCannon now has scheduled build. Check it out at