Ruby version - is this normal?


When I run ruby -v in terminal it returns the follow:

ruby 3.0.0p0 (2020-12-25 revision 95aff21468) [x86_64-darwin19]

Is this extra version info normal? The “p0 (2020-12-25 revision 95aff21468) [x86_64-darwin19]”.

Thanks so much.

I think so, mine says:
ruby 2.6.6p146 (2020-03-31 revision 67876) [x64-mingw32]

Be aware that I think there are some issues with ruby 3 and Jekyll.

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I think so too. I get:

 ruby 2.7.0p0 (2019-12-25 revision 647ee6f091) [x86_64-darwin19]

And with Ruby 3 here it says:
ruby 3.0.0p0 (2020-12-25 revision 95aff21468) [x86_64-darwin20]

BTW: Jekyll plays very well with Ruby 3 for me after I deleted the ~/gems folder and they were all rebuilt.

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Thanks. I had an issue w Jekyll install at first w ruby 3, was getting a permissions error, but followed the install steps from Jekyll docs and got it to work. Now running Jekyll 4.2.

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