Upgrade to Ruby 3 - tutorial

Hi fellow Jekyll devs. :wave:

There have been a bunch of topics asking for help on upgrading to Ruby 3 since it came out in December 2020. :gem: :rocket:

I finally made the change to Ruby 3. Today, I put together instructions for macOS and Linux.

In particular, my last post in the series covers how to rebuild your gems and add a missing webrick dependency to stop your Jekyll sites from breaking on Ruby 3.

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Thanks again @MichaelCurrin , as i was this morning thinking about this issue… telepathy ? Will do the switch to Ruby 3 and come back with some feedback.

BTW, are you noticing major changes ? what about the so called ’ 3x3 ’ promise… in terms of ‘speed / performance’ ?

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I have been meaning to write about for few days and today was the day I’d decided to do it

I haven’t checked on times. Update - I just checked now and one of my sites that takes 2 min to build (cookbook) still takes 2 min.

Run Jekyll with the --profile flag if you want to see timing on a detailed level

Thank you for sharing this, Michael! Excellent articles as always! I do have a new question to ask, but will do so with a new topic, as it relates directly to configuring Jekyll with Ruby 3.0.1.

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Okey, i went the rvm path … accordingly to my own environment.

Suffered the ‘no Webrick’ bundled … issue, like others did,

but thanks to info shared here i was just able to quickly fix it, as @MichaelCurrin mentioned,

$ bundle add webrick

and to keep it future-proof , this automatically adds the following to Gemfile

gem "webrick", "~> 1.7"

Enjoy renewed Ruby 3

Still, in some of the websites i develop, i’m encountering some issues… leading to Webrick no being available, even if apparently it got as described in this discussion here. Umf…need further investigation from my side, i’m afraid of.

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