Ruby Advent Calendar 2020 - 25 Days of Ruby Gems / Libraries, December 1 - December 25 - Starting in 5 Days - Have Your Say! Claim A Free Day


A little reminder that yes, you can have your say! Claim a free day in the Ruby Advent Calendar 2020 and tell us about your favorite gem.

I’m trying to get a new edition of the Ruby Advent Calendar this year started on December 1st running to December 25th.

Enjoy 25 Days of Ruby Gems write-ups by Matt Swanson, Fernando Briano, Rachel Green, Harry Lascelles and you!

Starting in 5 Days. Have your say! Claim a free day.
Cheers. Prost.

PS: Posts on jekyll gems more than welcome!

PPS: The Ruby Advent Calendar 2020 is an open source website built with - surprise, surprise - Jekyll, of course :slight_smile: - see