My site having problems build's. (symbolic link)

gerror x105](upload://gWe2Fdhcsu3J0jRWCOlsXfi7ViW.PNG)

Guys, Please help, I’m getting the error shown in the image.

well, just like the message says, 0000-00-00 is not a valid date. Posts need to start with a date, if that file is really named 0000-00-00 try changing that to 2018-01-01 and see if it works.

oops my bad!!

I’ve posted the wrong image. I just edited now and updated the image. Btw, thanks for Your reply. I did what You’ve said in the comment in the previous error and solved it.

are you working locally and then pushing to GH? are you using symlinks?

is there a repo to look at?

Yes, I’m working locally and then pushing to GH.

unfortunately I am not much of a linux person, so not sure I can help. Your link to the issue you sent me on SO had good advice as far as I can tell, and one of the guys who answered is very good at jekyll.

I would delete the vendor folder and gemfile.lock and see what happens (on the GH repo). If that works then you need to gitignore the vendor folder locally. I don’t think you should be uploading that to GH, they already have all the gems I think.