RSS >> IFTT like integration

As long as i would like to implement it on my Blog, as Beta test (and maybe on costumers websites later on? ), i’m sharing my experience with, here.

Thinking loud: “I tend to avoid closed-source, 3r party services… when possible, i think the (auto)magic here is kind-of-web-hooks+RSS or alike?”

I recall @MichaelCurrin sharing experiences about similar tasks triggered by (closed source code) Github Actions,… maybe ?

Let’s start walking through the Eduardo path …

¿Other hints?

As usual, comments/suggestions are more than welcome


Is the aim to auto share content on Twitter, FB, etc. Or just links to the new content?

IFTTT is neat because it is central and has the connectors for posting to social media. So you could set up a secret endpoint that you hit manually or by GH Actions and then post everywhere.

Like maybe a short message excerpt and a link to the new post.

Ah… i’ll try your suggested path , aiming at sharing (for now) at


I’m planning to integrate with Gitlab > Cloudcannon (webhooks ?) , ( as long they are my current CI/CD - PaaS - ’ devops ’ or whatever you want to call it tools )

I don’t know what CloudCannon supports but see what GitLab provides as pipeline / CI/CD.

I run a service called Huginn on my home server. This can read RSS feeds and can post to some social media services (like Twitter and Facebook pages). It can also publish content to Telegram, and others. Unlike IFTTT you can pass processing steps through various filters, so I have a process where Huginn looks at my “tweet” RSS feed, takes the post title and post URL and constructs the text of my message, then posts it on twitter. Once that’s done, I get a notification in Matrix to say that the post was sent, including the twitter URL.


And for the bits of the Fediverse that support RSS as a connection type (Hubzilla and Friendica) you could go straight onto timeline.