Problem in using jekyll 4.0.0

When I run jekyll new test_site
This error appears in terminal

jekyll 4.0.0 | Error:  undefined method `cyan' for "/home/astrophile/web development/test_website":String

Please suggest a way to fix it.

is that all you get in the terminal?

cyan and red (other post) are colors, I’m guessing there is a problem with sass compiling a css color.

if you do gem install jekyll what do you get? any errors? there is a sass gem, my guess it is not installed. Not sure what it is called exactly though.

cyan is a method for Ruby strings via the colorator gem (which gets installed automatically when Jekyll is installed).
Looks like Jekyll wasn’t able to load that gem. Run the following (in order) in your terminal:

  • gem install colorator
  • ruby -r 'colorator' -e "puts 'Colored string'.cyan"

If you see a light-blue colored output, you should be set.
Then try running the jekyll new ... command again.