Prevent Github from pushing generated jekyll site

Hey everyone! So, I would like to create a static website using jekyll, but I have one question in advance for this.
When there is a github repo with “jekyll code” GitHub immediately tries to build the website and push the generated website directly to the repo, right?
But I would like to have not the generated website in the sources repository, I would like to have two seperate repositores, one for the generation code and one for the generated website.

I can simply write a workflow which sets up a jekyll environment, builds the website and then pushes it to the destination repository, but GitHub will still try to build the website on it’s own and push it to the source repository, right?
How can I prevent this, like disable GitHub to do it on its own? Or does GitHub check if I have a workflow which builds the website already?

Thanks in advance

When GitHub Pages builds a site from a repo, it doesn’t push it back to the repo. The built site is stored separately on their web servers (AFAIK).

Oh, that would be neat. When I then don’t activate github pages on this repo then it shouldn’t be saved to github servers and I can simply use a workflow to push the build to another repo.

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