Post link get 404 only at nginx

Hi Everyone,

All my website links working well locally, but when I deploy to my VPS nginx server, the post links get 404 return. And only blog post links get 404, other link working perfectly.
I think it is because jekyll server direct the post link to (yes this is my site) while nginx direct it to what it is, without .html;
I try to update nginx config to redirect it to *html but it seems not a good solution.
Any similar issue like me and how you handle it?
Any help would be appreciated!

you have a different permalink setting for your blog I think. You can set it so it will be and then it will work.

If you do permalink: pretty it should work. If that is not what you want post what you set it to and someone can help get it they way you want.

That’s it! Thank you so much. I should go thru all the docs!