Jekyll static file load to AWS issue

Have an issue i hope someone can address. I fixed my static website with assistance here yesterday and now all is fine with a slight variable.

I updated my files and removed some that i tested with but one file which doesn’t appear on my local host still posts publicly to my domain. I checked to see where it is and removed the file and then walked through the normal steps for static file as follows:

in CMD i ran Jekyll Serve (also tried Jekyll Build) to update the _Site folder’s index for the adjusted postings. Then i loaded AWS with the files again. Since i removed the actual file and updated the index when i the listing on the public site for “Welcome to Jekyll” it comes back properly with the 404 error message below


Page not found :frowning:

The requested page could not be found.

I’m not sure why i can’t get this off of the post listings?

Thanks in advance.


Just to add it may be finding a prior version that was moved so how do i locate where it’s seeing this one if it’s not showing in the local host?

I’m not clear on what the problem is… maybe a caching issue, try a different browser?

Are you saying the index/home page is listing a post that you have removed? and when you click the link tot he post you get a 404 which is correct (but then why is it listed?). Is that the problem? sounds like a cache issue.